There shouldn’t be any broke teachers… ever.

I spent 18 years as a classroom teacher, but didn’t commit to putting my finances first for years. We have to change that. And it starts… with you!

Teachers are valuable. You are valuable.

I’m not talking about the “give me a hug” valuable, either. I mean “show me the money” valuable. Teacher skills bring big bucks in the outside world. I learned that the hard way.

Whether you’re teaching, thinking of teaching, a teacher deep in debt, a former teacher or a teacher formerly in debt—join together and let’s lift each other up and start banishing the broke teacher syndrome… a thousand teachers at a time!

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You can also visit the original website, read book that started it all. “A Broke Teacher’s Guide to Success.” And if you need to reboot your teacher finances, and download the No Spend Challenge to stop spending your paycheck on your job today:)