Welcome to No Broke Teachers Here!

A note on the reboot of the former "broke teacher" project...

Welcome to No Broke Teachers Here!

This is a reboot of my prior newsletter which I’m moving here to Substack. Substack is gorgeous, simple, and clean. I know you’ll enjoy it here.

Moving forward this little letter will be called No Broke Teachers Here! (It used to be “The Broke Teacher Bulletin” but since we’re banishing “broke,” it gets an upgrade).

The name change is important.

“The Broke Teacher” project started as a joke. I was a broke teacher making broke teacher jokes on social media—things like “best places to steal pencils and pens for your classroom,” and helpful advice such as “never tell anyone you can fix a copier.”

It was fun, so I started a website: broketeacher.com. It’s still there today. It has some great stuff on it—some serious articles, too. That name won’t change. Neither will the “broke teacher” book. It’s called “The Broke Teacher’s Guide to Success: How to Live Your Dreams on Teacher Pay.”

It’s an important book—if you’re starting your “no broke teachers” journey, it’ll be valuable to you.

But, the further I progressed in my journey away from being a broke teacher, the more the title bothered me.

“But it’s funny. And true. You write satire…” said that little voice in my head (you’ll meet that voice in all of my books).

“True…” I said. But something was hitting too close to home. Finally, I realized what it was.

I never wanted to “live my dreams on teacher pay.” I don’t want any teacher to. And in many parts of the country, that’s really not possible.

Also—the “broke” wasn’t only financial, it was mental, too. Teachers everywhere are struggling financially but also beaten down, suffering, and many are leaving the field. Teachers do what they’ve always done—dust off “for the kids.” Even in a pandemic.

But kids can sniff out a problem anywhere—how could I tell students to be financially successful while every student I taught saw me going broke spending my paycheck on my job? How could I demand they seek “the best” when that’s not how they saw me treated?

I wanted more for teachers everywhere. And so… that word “broke” needed an update.

Today, we declare this: NO BROKE TEACHERS HERE!


We’re on a mission to take care of teachers everywhere. No more broke teachers!

That’s not just financial, that’s mental, too.

Whether you’re thinking about teaching, a student teacher, a new teacher, an experienced teacher, or someone who’s spent some time in the classroom, served, and moved on, you’re welcome here.

If you’re already subscribed, thanks!

If you’re new, glad to have you along.

Please share this community with anyone interested in uplifting education.

Visit the website and, if you’re a teacher who’s got some debt, download out the “No Spend Challenge” guide.

It’s on Gumroad as a “Pay What You Wish.” Contribute a million dollars or download it for free:) Then, do what it says, and you’ll give yourself a 10% raise without a single negotiation.

That’s what started me on my journey to leave my “broke teacher” behind. Let’s connect and tackle this together:)

Stay well—this year especially—and keep being amazing!!!


In the meantime, tell your friends!